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Jason Mraz Yes! World Tour

When chances happen to come around for the second time, one must grab it instantly. That’s exactly what we did. Jason Mraz had his concert in the Philippines last year and we did try to find a way to fly to him in Manila but because of financial concern and time issues, things never happened. […]

Too Idealistic

I have many things in my mind, stream of thoughts that doesn’t have the bridge to connect. An idea pops and another comes after, different but I’m sure is interrelated. I could be writer due to it but I’m just too lazy and too incompetent to keep up with writing. I’m not educated of it, […]

Hey Shorty!

The wait is over! Remember my previous post about hair rants? Well, it wasn’t pure rants, I just wanted to give a brief introduction for this post. Trying to make some thrill, I think though it didn’t work. So okay, here’s the spill! I cut my hair short again! I finally achieved the look! Here […]


Trying to divert myself from the devastating news but it doesn’t mean that I cared less already. My whole prayers are for them still, strong, firm and everyday. Now, sliding to the other side. I have downloaded a new app for my phone, its called MomentCam.   When I shared it to my boyfriend, he […]

Yolanda PH

Everyone knows about Yolanda, but this is how I knew it. November 7, 2013 – Before that day, panic buying was already happening around the town. Working in a retail industry, I can testify it as true. I was informed that Yolanda will arrived in Lapu-Lapu at 11am, thus, I have to work before its […]

J.G Soundtrack

From the craziness of our day to day life, we always appreciate a background music as we live by to it.  If I were to choose my own soundtrack, I will not favor the J.G soundtrack. I don’t wanna live the life of luxury behind the facades of lies, greed, selfishness and arrogance all at […]

The IT In Me

Problem on how to deal with your flash drive or USB? For a certain virus or trouble such as, after saving a file from a computer and then the file is turned into a shortcut folder as retrieved to another computer. I experienced that dilemma twice in a row. It was super irritating. That feeling […]

I am Drive-n

“The lyric is basically about fear, about being driven all your life by it and making decisions from fear. It’s about imagining what life would be like if you didn’t live it that way” -Brandon Boyd Another chapter has been flipped. Am I ready? I fear. I don’t I can make it. I don’t think I […]

Oh Hi Victory!

I believe that I am not born with thousands of lucky charms inside my body but I still do think I am lucky in different ways. Just that one time that I really expected my lucky charms to work, it just did. It was somewhere around December vacation when I clicked on stuffs online. I […]

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