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Happy Anniversary!

Two years of drama and oddness. Two years of idleness and activeness. Happy two years HAPPY PILL! Say hello to your new logo and banner! Happy Halloween too. Advertisements

Hey Shorty!

The wait is over! Remember my previous post about hair rants? Well, it wasn’t pure rants, I just wanted to give a brief introduction for this post. Trying to make some thrill, I think though it didn’t work. So okay, here’s the spill! I cut my hair short again! I finally achieved the look! Here […]

Hair Line

Life is short to have boring hair. I always have a flappable hair, something that rebels most of the time. I have those hair that is both straight and wavy at the same time, probably more airy. Its frizzy and comb enemy. I guess it started to sulk on me because I care less about it […]


Trying to divert myself from the devastating news but it doesn’t mean that I cared less already. My whole prayers are for them still, strong, firm and everyday. Now, sliding to the other side. I have downloaded a new app for my phone, its called MomentCam.   When I shared it to my boyfriend, he […]

Morning Blinds

There is always light after darkness. So as Morning after the night. In one bright day, as I stretched up and glanced my way, I saw a blind where rays of light competes each side. I wish I have this kind of window where I felt warm and precious. I just don’t know what has […]

Behind Masculinity

My personal make up artist.

First Day Cry

I will never and forever will not be excited for this day to come. No matter what, even the sight of an allowance can’t move me. Ofcourse, this day meant as my first day of school. Actually, today is not my first day. It’s my second week but since I am such a good student, […]


One of the best tarpaulin design I’ve ever made at a very limited time. Indeed the idea of simplicity is beauty captures this design. This was done late at night after I stroll around the city. It was a zero energy that time, more like a was running for a marathon without a finish line. […]

Eyeball Liner

Because we weren’t able to wear our Halloween make-ups, we didn’t let it stop our craziness. Say hola to our savior, the eyeball liner we bought from the cemetery. These helped us a lot. It made us look Halloween-ish and it lightened our low-quality phone camera.

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