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Isla de Gigantes

For this year starter, I chose Iloilo. Upon planning, I was quite upset knowing that when I search around the internet only few posts emerged. Yet I never let myself down for I already booked a ticket. My flight was even moved to a different schedule and I only knew about this a day before […]

EK Story

There’s nothing better than the life of a child. There’s not much to do, not much to worry nor need to be understood perfectly because innocence still insures your mistakes. So then my friends and I realized to be a kid for day so we headed to Enchanted Kingdom. Fresh from a concert, we got […]

Jason Mraz Yes! World Tour

When chances happen to come around for the second time, one must grab it instantly. That’s exactly what we did. Jason Mraz had his concert in the Philippines last year and we did try to find a way to fly to him in Manila but because of financial concern and time issues, things never happened. […]

Beach Placid, Bantayan

One bright weekend, I decided to visit the farthest place in the northern axis of Cebu province, a place that survived and recovered from Yolanda which celebrated its anniversary yesterday. Indeed, true beauty prevails and withstand horror no matter how difficult it was. I truly believe to that when I reached this paradise. We never really […]

Cafe Gracias

Sometimes, a day’s treat is just a walk away. Its just a matter of right timing and that certain timing finally arrived. Let me take you to the nearest coffee shop from my house. Say Hola to Cafe Gracias! Its a family owned cafe, it isn’t as classy as the usual cafe but I am […]

Natures Garden Park Resort

In our family circle, our number is limited. Our curve is in a compact designation in terms of gender. I only have 2 boy-cousin, and the rest are  girls. Both of them too are the eldest and the youngest, as of this date. With this congruence we rarely find time to hang around. All were […]

San Remegio Beach Club

The path is long through the unknown but who cares, I’m travelling. There’s always a giddy-yap feeling whenever I travel far and first. Its like being in love, profound and thrilled. I rose up early but still I was late. The north bus terminal was already on a heavy traffic of people when I arrived, […]

Pacific Cebu Resort International

There’s so much to celebrate on that one fine Saturday of Summer. Its a day off and its someone’s after graduation treat. Thinking that after a few weeks of summer we will be busy together without much plan I looked for a place to unwind. Being a native in Lapu-Lapu, I easier access to the […]

New Faces

Starting this March as I ventured a step up in my career, I met up more people. They are way older than me and think differently. Most of them have their own families already, making me as the youngest in our department. It was a hard environment knowing that it would be a different culture […]

Magnitude 7.2

On October 15, 2013, I woke up with a bad mood, thinking of not speaking with my boyfriend the whole day. I tried to make my day happy, so I put on my headphones as I rode a tricycle going to work. On my third song (Imagine Dragons – In Time), I was swaying my […]

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