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Goodbye Wisdom

The decision has been made, I will have my wisdom tooth extracted! I rose hurriedly to check that my time for canvassing was close to nothing. I took a public multicab all the way to PrimeDent to have my X-ray. When I got there I saw a girl and her Lola. I looked and saw […]

Isla de Gigantes

For this year starter, I chose Iloilo. Upon planning, I was quite upset knowing that when I search around the internet only few posts emerged. Yet I never let myself down for I already booked a ticket. My flight was even moved to a different schedule and I only knew about this a day before […]

Iloilo Teaser

Please do view in HD for my effort.

EK Story

There’s nothing better than the life of a child. There’s not much to do, not much to worry nor need to be understood perfectly because innocence still insures your mistakes. So then my friends and I realized to be a kid for day so we headed to Enchanted Kingdom. Fresh from a concert, we got […]

Jason Mraz Yes! World Tour

When chances happen to come around for the second time, one must grab it instantly. That’s exactly what we did. Jason Mraz had his concert in the Philippines last year and we did try to find a way to fly to him in Manila but because of financial concern and time issues, things never happened. […]

Too Idealistic

I have many things in my mind, stream of thoughts that doesn’t have the bridge to connect. An idea pops and another comes after, different but I’m sure is interrelated. I could be writer due to it but I’m just too lazy and too incompetent to keep up with writing. I’m not educated of it, […]

Beach Placid, Bantayan

One bright weekend, I decided to visit the farthest place in the northern axis of Cebu province, a place that survived and recovered from Yolanda which celebrated its anniversary yesterday. Indeed, true beauty prevails and withstand horror no matter how difficult it was. I truly believe to that when I reached this paradise. We never really […]

Happy Anniversary!

Two years of drama and oddness. Two years of idleness and activeness. Happy two years HAPPY PILL! Say hello to your new logo and banner! Happy Halloween too.

Cafe Gracias

Sometimes, a day’s treat is just a walk away. Its just a matter of right timing and that certain timing finally arrived. Let me take you to the nearest coffee shop from my house. Say Hola to Cafe Gracias! Its a family owned cafe, it isn’t as classy as the usual cafe but I am […]

Hey Shorty!

The wait is over! Remember my previous post about hair rants? Well, it wasn’t pure rants, I just wanted to give a brief introduction for this post. Trying to make some thrill, I think though it didn’t work. So okay, here’s the spill! I cut my hair short again! I finally achieved the look! Here […]

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