Goodbye Wisdom

The decision has been made, I will have my wisdom tooth extracted!

I rose hurriedly to check that my time for canvassing was close to nothing. I took a public multicab all the way to PrimeDent to have my X-ray. When I got there I saw a girl and her Lola. I looked and saw in them a care that always lighten up my soul. Have I experienced such love or have I not seen it all? That’s the good thing about being sick, you get to be taken cared by the person you love.

When I was young up until this day, I do pray that once a year I’ll be in bed feeling feverish and dropped dead for my parents to have time for me. I don’t like the part where I tell them about my sickness, what I like to happen is for me to get sick instantly that they cannot talk me over on how I got sick. Every single time I get sick my mom will file her absence and will take me to the doctor. By that instance, I knew that I am feeling better. My dad is a strong man, he never let his guard down but one instant he did asked me about how I was feeling when I suffered for a week. By that moment, I was relieved.

I am getting older now but I still get those weird emotions. It’s one of the things I like to feel. I don’t know if its healthy or filthy, I don’t even care. Well, I just got my tooth extracted. It took us an hour to finish everything. I realized that a patient with a history of highblood is highly risky. I for a minute experienced sudden high rate of heartbeat. I needed to calm myself. I guess too, going to the operation alone is better than to tag along someone because it pushes your cowardice. Trust yourself because it will only be you fighting the whole operation.

As I said I got my Mom’s attention again. Now I am resting for days already, off from work and from stress. The post operation is harder than the operation per say. Yes, I am now suffering but so much rest, but still with a weak mouth to conquer solid foods. I do not know if this is a good excuse for time, but atleast I get to blog because of this little break.

To my weird wisdom tooth who had made me suffer, its time for you to let go.

wisdom tooth


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