Jason Mraz Yes! World Tour

When chances happen to come around for the second time, one must grab it instantly. That’s exactly what we did.

Jason Mraz had his concert in the Philippines last year and we did try to find a way to fly to him in Manila but because of financial concern and time issues, things never happened. We let things passed but when we knew that he will be visiting Philippines again, we promised this time to really go no matter what.

It was a struggle how our credit cards wont work for booking, and were running out of time. I’ve been busy with my work as well, it was hard communicating to my friends. Then I got an email from them that we already booked the ticket and the plane. I chose a different flight because I still have a lot of things to finish before having a break from work.

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(c) Clark

The trip was a bucket list. I able to fly alone. It was my first time in Manila, I’ve been to NAIA before though and in the streets of Manila when I went to Baguio City but I don’t consider it as my Manila experience. This trip I had was so rush. It was hard for me to leave the office, I thank some of my colleagues for covering me up so that I can finally leave the office. I rode a motorcycle all the way to the airport with the drizzle in my background. I arrived on time for my checking in, but my flight got delayed. I reached NAIA 3 and the line for the yellow taxi was so long. I met someone from Cebu and he was trying to be polite and he talked me out until it was my turn for the taxi. When I heard that there were people going to MOA, I asked them if I can split up with them because I badly need to be on a taxi for I am running out of time.  I did able to save up my fare as well and I grab my friend directly so that we can rode MRT then be able to be on time of Mraz’ concert.

The whole trip was a struggle like it was totally uncontrollable but good heaven we did arrived on time. Our excitement boost.  The concert was opened by Raining Jane. They really did rock it. One must listen to their song called “the opposite of blue”, it had the angst in it. Then there’s Jason Mraz! His voice do rock and roll. He knows how to relate to his crowd. He knows how to affect his audience. He is the best when live. His songs are more influential and it will totally get into you. The music was relaxing and motivating. How talented their team was. The music of Mraz and Raining Jane suited together. Their talents coincides like they were fated to be together to give justice to these songs. I’m a total fan. They are all so talented. They keep changing instruments, it made me asked myself how can I not master one instrument while they can have so many, totally gifted individuals. Then there’s Jason Mraz who had the best of both words, inwriting or in singing. He encourage everyone just like how he’s songs were written to keep on writing and write positivism despite how the world turned to be. His words are full of love and nature friendly. From all the things ive been to before reaching this seat fronting him, I realized that this is just life. Learn to live and appreciate it, we can always shine if we will to. Jason Mraz is my inspiration. 

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(c) Clark

The night ended with a blast of his “I wont give up” when people raised their lights up high and sang with him. Then for the last song, he sang the “Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday”. The concert did sang other songs from his previous album, his Mr. Curiosity did trigger goosebumps.

(Nov 27, 2014 03-44 PM)FUJIFILM FinePix SL310(4288x3216)

(c) Clark

This concert made me feel good, it was indeed an inner mission. Next time he’ll have his concert in the Philippines we will buy the VIP ticket already!



  1. It’s always a good feeling checking off things from the bucket list. Hope all is going well in Philippines..Read about the typhoon.

    1. Nothing worst happened during the typhoon. Thank God! Come and visit us soon!

      1. Thank God. Would love to visit soon💐

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