Beach Placid, Bantayan

One bright weekend, I decided to visit the farthest place in the northern axis of Cebu province, a place that survived and recovered from Yolanda which celebrated its anniversary yesterday. Indeed, true beauty prevails and withstand horror no matter how difficult it was. I truly believe to that when I reached this paradise.

We never really booked a place when we planned to explore Bantayan Island, when we reached the Bantayan port from Hagnaya port there were pick-up services from the different resorts but we did scout through a trisikad (bike version of a tricycle). Kuya was really informative about the place, we had a mini tour of the resorts. Among all the choices surrounding Sta. Fe, we chose Beach Placid for a place to stay. Their rooms are in native construction, we got one in the beachfront area. Actually, we were eyeing for Anika Beach Resort but they were full however we never regretted our stay though. Both resorts shared the same beach.  bp2

The beach was relaxing. It has a long shoreline of fine, white sand. There were small fishes that plays with you when you swim. The clearness of the water brought a relaxing therapy for a drought city people. The silence and the exclusiveness of the place makes everything in place. This was the place that Yolanda tested yet it never dies, it shined brighter. This is paradise, this is true nature. How amazing our Creator is.

I felt like an island girl here with the accent of our native inspired room. We have a terrace that views the sea. In the beach area there were benches and shades that took up a few spaces of the shoreline. The resort also provides wifi in their lobby area and minimal signal in their restaurant. Our room had a package of a free breakfast but for a heavy eater, this free breakfast cannot satisfy. The funny thing about their restaurant is when you asked to take your food into your room you’ll pay an extra charge but if you will be the one to bring your ordered food the extra charges will be waived. They just afraid that the delivery will cause breakage or anything at cost. I was about to laugh about it in front the counter. They have good ratings in TripAdvisor though, I still think they are good but they seemed to be really different to the resorts i’ve been. Theirs no formality, but that’s the best thing about that, it felt homey. The staff were helpful and open, sometimes they try to know about your stories but you can assure that they’re just naive and curious. They do try to do what you ask.

I approved of this place, the vacation that you wanted can really be found here despite the slight faults I walked out there happy.

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