Natures Garden Park Resort

In our family circle, our number is limited. Our curve is in a compact designation in terms of gender. I only have 2 boy-cousin, and the rest are  girls. Both of them too are the eldest and the youngest, as of this date.

With this congruence we rarely find time to hang around. All were busy for their career advancement. We had grown up well too distant, all as the product of youth search. Gladly one fine summer our path had been once connected. Thanks too stress and bum life that we get to finally grabbed a go for a swim.

I looked out for some private spot near our place. We’re more of into a pool that would not cause much hassle even with the summer session on going. I found this place in Gabi, Cordova called Natures Garden Park Resort. You can check them on their facebook here. Affordable and caring staffs. I contacted them first to check on their rates. They offer me an entrance with usage of pool and other facilities except for the room usage. They have a huge pool for adults, another huge pool for the kids and another one under construction. They also offer spa (e.g. fish spa). Our entrance covered one free meal of burger, fries and drinks. During our stay, we almost owned the place because only few guests were on checked in. Most are Koreans and they just dipped in the pool for a few hours. There were day goers too like us. We really utilized our stay. We indulged on their fish spa, we dined in there restaurant, I totally recommend their Pancit. We also dipped on both open pools. Somehow, I know that they still needs a lot of improvements. But as a start, its worth the price. At the reception area they had their bar and a table tennis to play with, I sucked at any sports really.


There’s more to check in here than I experienced. It was just a day tour, I believe they have packages for tourists and locals. I just do commend their receptionist for being considerate to our request, Their waiters were respectful and accommodating too. The good thing about this place, its near to the new Happy Museum, which we never get the chance to visit because we were really ran out of time. I know though that with the distance that it has, we can just visit them the soonest.


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