San Remegio Beach Club

The path is long through the unknown but who cares, I’m travelling. There’s always a giddy-yap feeling whenever I travel far and first. Its like being in love, profound and thrilled.

I rose up early but still I was late. The north bus terminal was already on a heavy traffic of people when I arrived, some were nostalgic, some were grumpy but I was just observing and  waiting. The bus kept us abreast and bored somehow. Until it came.

We had our “working” breakfast inside the bus. We use the word “working” when we do the eating while continuing the things to be done. It wasn’t easy to do the working eating but its always different and cool. A must-try, really. The bus took us to miles of roads and everything in between was glorifying.san4


Upon arrival, the small lobby with a bar attached sided the front desk. Politely, they accommodated our coming and checked out our reservations. Their wifi is only covered in the lobby and it wasn’t connection friendly either, but I say don’t bother that, this plsan1ace is made for you to relax and forget the hustle of the city. We scanned the place as we were directed to our room, they had a fountain at the middle of the front area but it wasn’t the perfect place for it, I would say that the space wasn’t utilized much for this architecture.

In every room,san3 you can do barbecue at the back, it has enough space but we didn’t avail any TV for the standard room, we’re here for the adventure not to slack. The place was silent and shy. It has its pool with slides, it has its white shore beach but the beach  itself was muddy. They offer functions nearing the beach, they have karaoke and restaurant at the beach. Its like the place is a mixture of a laid-back entities. They offer kayaking I guess, they also had grounds for sports, and I was about to shout with joy when they told us that they had table tennis but unfortunately they had no balls, crappy! In terms of service, their people and polite, but they just need more hospitality training for professionalism. My experience in hotel industry had open me to be more keen to how specifically people must act. Their telephone operator was too time-consuming and with less initiative, you ask her she hangs you first and answer back.


Nonetheless, I summed it up for a great adventure. The price was right, just needs improvements on their facilities, adding would be good. I would still recommend this place. san2


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