Pacific Cebu Resort International

There’s so much to celebrate on that one fine Saturday of Summer. Its a day off and its someone’s after graduation treat. Thinking that after a few weeks of summer we will be busy together without much plan I looked for a place to unwind. Being a native in Lapu-Lapu, I easier access to the beaches in town.

I looked for something private, with beach and pool, and affordable. As a person I don’t usually go for an overnight because I do have strict parents that until now its still difficult to ask for their permission, so I went for a day use.

How to get there:

a. If you have a car or on taxi, its in Suba Basbas, Lapu-Lapu. Once you reached the bottom of the old bridge, just straight ahead until you reach Marigondon crossing. Go right and it’ll just be a few meters away.

b. If your for a public commute, ride a jeep going to Tamiya and then ride a tricycle going to Marigondon crossing, then lastly ride another tricycle going to the resort, its already famous for the drivers to just drop you.

Honestly, I am confident for this post to write the direction but I swear I cannot promise to guide you on the rest. Don’t worry, I have problems with direction but the net and asking is a much help, I’m sure you can also get there.

When we got there, it was somehow occupied, there were team buildings of a certain company, a birthday celebration, family gathering and some beach goers. But before that I felt I was closed to nature because while walking to the place after we got inside the gate, a lizard just crossed our way! The place looks forest-y but once you got into the reception area, you will be excited for the white sand beach that they have.

We dipped into the pool first. They have 3 pools, 1 for the children, one for adults and one for scuba diving. We tried the 2 pools only because the other one was on renovation. Actually the place was on renovation, I guess it would be better once you get there already. Aside from the beach with white sand shoreline, They have tennis and volleyball courts but you have to bring your own rackets. They have this long path also, I don’t know how to call it. They have their own restaurant also and I am not quite in favor of their food,

If i could rate my experience I would say that this resort is good if you want to be away from the city, be in a secluded area where tourists are few and just want to dip for a few hours or nights. There’s not much to do here yet, maybe soon they’ll expand and have more activities but I think being just the resort to relax must be kept instead. I like them better silent and nature-like.



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