New Faces

Starting this March as I ventured a step up in my career, I met up more people. They are way older than me and think differently. Most of them have their own families already, making me as the youngest in our department. It was a hard environment knowing that it would be a different culture to be involved with.

Honestly, it is tough. What they talk are very unusual to me. I don’t even get to get them most of the time. Somehow, its challenging that I have to push myself hard to be part of them.

10245550_10202505331971905_3597475539277983634_nGladly though, our love for spending and food gathers us together. Our first Friday flyday was a Bo’s coffee treat. Thanks to BDO credit card for the free gift certificate. It was Miss Rose’s card that supplied us with our Cafe Lattes. A refreshing way to cool and to start a Friday. After a very long week at work, we definitely need to cool down a bit. Good thing, Asiatown I.T. Park is just a neighboring area from work. I even remembered my thesis days here at this Bo’s Coffee branch, wherein we brought our own extension wire.


Next stop, me and Miss Hanna able to find time spending our salary after our pay day. Miss Rose wasn’t able to join us because she has to go home early and it was really unplanned. We were just two hard working employees, going home late than the end time and realized that a good chill is required after that day’s work. So I suggested a place called Cafe Tiala near Grand Convention. It is just above ChinaTrust. It was really a funny experience because the servers are too young and innocent. We just tried to talk them out and their too naive. It was a korean caffe, and they don’t serve sweet pastries. They offer korean snack dishes and sandwiches, but they have the cafe drinks. They have costumes for picture taking and a good place to chill out. They have a TV that continuously plays korean music videos, so if your a fan its your hangout place. But for those who aren’t like us, I suggest you  bring out your own usb so that you can play your movie instead. They have things too that you can borrow if you reach P300.00 bill, such as hair iron, massage equipment, etc. They have complimentary sliced bread wherein you have to toast by yourself with strawberry jam and coffee. I don’t have much to say, but one must try. Good for kids and those who like cute stuffs.

Well, they are the new faces I get to see everyday at work. Their are more of them but they’re the people I get to know better. I just hope we will have more good terms and more hang out and travels soon.


P.S. I don’t own the pictures, credit to Ms. Hanna


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