Just Forgetting

Lent season, the time of the year where sacrificing and being good is emphasized. This year’s lent season of myself has been struggling. Tests and challenges keep rising from nowhere it rooted just to caused chaos into my peaceful living. Justice within me and some outreach into the outskirts of individuals that I had met.

I’ve seen issues of families that crushes during this time of the year, maybe because they were too loving last Christmas.  Things like forgetting where they’d came from. Sons had been disowned indirectly, siblings quarrel over family heirloom. A sister thrown how her brother helped here to be what she is now, and mistreated at her own home. Knowing how money had brought everyone to be evil and selfish.  I’ve seen also a son almost killed his father due to drug addiction and neighbor fighting over scattered words about nonsense. People kept on traveling and enjoying at expensive dinings and places but forgetting the holy mass. How bibles were left unopened because everyone’s busy with their gadgets. Instead of fasting, people are feasting.

I too had been forgetful of God’s words. I know that when I was young I once thought that bible is just like a novel, where a great story can be taken. I’ve been a reader of it, but now I am forgetting how to. I am too is guilty of how I never stop always and even break the friday-no-meat day, and even a completion of Sunday mass. I even forget how to feel good.  Lately, I’ve been forgetting how blessed I am the whole  time and even for just a season I must have the guts to repay our God but what I am doing is out of its way. I’ve been to obsessed with how to live reality and how to please everyone. I forgot to sacrifice things, I’m too selfish and too overwhelmed of how material world eat things up.

We usually forget that this is just a borrowed life. That everything that we have here and everything that we do to just please others are just nothing to the things we had broken from God’s commandment. Fighting, killing, and hating are worst but we never forget to keep it within us. Why? Because were not firm believers anymore, were lost.




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