This is how I always pictured valentines day.

Full of surprises. Sneaky motives. Surprise gifts, unexpected hug from the back, unanticipated meetup, and a lot more of it. Pretty sure guys will be in such pressure while girls create bubbles of expectations. Considering myself as a girl and being currently tied to  a relationship, I assume my valentine to be this day.

Hidden card at my bag or anywhere I will not expect to find  could be a good start. If not,  sticky notes hang at my desk with time and place would be enough. Or dozens of paper notes following me wherever I go like a simple card given by a stranger from my man, a card from a “jeep konduktor”. After then, when everything sinks in, gifts will come follow. Flowers from strangers, a big jaguar stuff toy or maybe that funny vibrating stuff toy from Toy Kingdom which I cannot contain my laugh when I play it. A remote control cars can then lead my way to my man. So then will off to our main event.

I don’t recommend a classic restaurant dinner. Pretty sure we will be competing with the other couples and its too bad for the day to ruin it in that way. I picture us going to a simple diner, not common nor popular and cheap. We need more money for the rest of the night. But if cannot find a good spot, take out will do good. We just have to find a place. A garden, a beach sand or a hilltop. I think I need to bring picnic mat with me then. We will add wine in our menu too and candles. We will just finish the food and the light with our talks. Pausing all hatred and insecurities. Just reminiscing our moments together and happy feelings of being in love with each other. Telling each other how much we love each other. How hard we had fallen for each other.

Then we’ll look for other spots to hang around and be silly. A park with playground, an aquarium with fishes, a carnival land or a zoo would be cool. We will then mark our space, we’ll hold each others hand swaying it in rhythm to our bodies.We will buy ourselves balloons and have our wishes written in a piece of paper and setting it to fly to the sky. We’ll cuddle while watching it going up. We’ll fight on whose balloon will disappear in our eyes first and then we’ll hug after. Then will ask favor from other couple to take pictures of us because we want to show them how sweet we are or simply just disturbing them. I will not care if were just too show off because its the only time of the year that being PDA is legal.

Then we drove back to my place, stay at the bottom of the bridge for a while. Eat out our corniks that we bought from a sari-sari store. We will throw it into each others mouth and will throw jokes at each other. Then will stop by at a pizza shack to order  a take out for our movie date at home. Then we set up our screens, scan through our movies and find something that “I like”. Its the time to be selfish a little, I would argue to him because I’m the girl. But we will not watch it yet because I’m gonna find a good 8tracks playlist that will make our feet sway. We will dance a bit into my favorite songs, which I know he doesn’t much like. After we get tired, we setup our beds and will changes into our pajamas. Then will start the movie with a pizza at the side. We then sleep it off without knowing that we didn’t finish our third movie.




  1. Menatay kakeleeeeg ❤

    1. Keleeg sa? Wa lang na mahappen haha

      1. Wa pa gani Friday hahaha

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