The Real Resignation Letter

Final statement of my resignation.

What really happened?

I remember that one morning while receiving applicants I stopped for awhile and found a chair.

I’m tired

Tired of giving too much. Sacrificed my lunch time and providing offer-time instead of overtime. Being tangled to a labyrinth of unclear possibilities. Being belittled by my own self esteem because growth is too vague to grip. Tired of being haunted by poor knowledge and limited learning. Tired of being too hard working while others were doing nothing while they receiving more compensation and gratification. Tired of being indirectly questionned of my dealings even if I am much as sure that, that was taught of me during my training. Tired of being part of a place where teaches you to be vigilant because the rest will pull you down when you are smarter. Tired of being too naive of the world I lived before because im stuck to a hole of lesser possibilities. Tired of being stagnant. Tires of being swayed by the higher positions. Tired of being trained as an HR wherein we are opposing the HR conduct. Tired of being scared of the people who are too small of height and knowledge but who just got lucky to be hired first. Tired of being too resourceful that you end up using a carton box as a table. Tired of working with a nonworking light bulb. Tired of bringing my own laptop at work. Tired of stealing wifi networks. Tired of using my own phone and load to text applicants. Tired of unclear instructions. Tired of the policies. Tired of not following the policies. Tired of having less resources. Tired of always being asked, im not paid as a supervisor. Tired of working with people who deserve another stage of improvement.

I never got tired of the people I handle or intierviewed. I am tired of the people above me, who I thought could help me grow. Tired of stooping down to a level I am not.

I am tired and nobody is happy when they are tired. So why do I have to continue when I know for the fact that I deserve more. I am not bragging or anything, I just written the facts. This is not quitting or losing, this is growing.



  1. It’s not quitting, it’s recognizing you deserve better and taking action on it. You make me so proud, Gags :* All the best!

  2. Another proud friend here, you both guys redefined quitting for me. It never was for losers. You’re a winner because you know you deserve better. Happy holidays friends.

    sent from Maeren’s laptop (mehehehe)

  3. Im so happy Ive got supportive friends here! Can i Tag you both?

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