Yolanda PH

Everyone knows about Yolanda, but this is how I knew it.

November 7, 2013 – Before that day, panic buying was already happening around the town. Working in a retail industry, I can testify it as true. I was informed that Yolanda will arrived in Lapu-Lapu at 11am, thus, I have to work before its arrival. No signs of postponing work happened at that morning so I arrived at exactly 10am. Upon my travel to work, it was a mysterious weather that I witnessed. It was calm, no signs of wind or rain and even sun heat, it was quite humid. It was like that the whole day, but it got colder as the evening hatched. We were asked to leave the work premise at 3pm but I able to stayed until 5pm. I also did the panic buying but the storm hadn’t come that day.

November 8, 2013 – When I woke up, I still able to receive messages but I did not bother to reply and went back to my dreams. The second time I woke up, it was already a black out and wind started to crashed the place. I cuddled up to my blanket as I walked to check the outside. I saw my dad battling with the rain, it wasn’t a heavy rain. Later that day, I heard my mom shouting to my dad to stop fixing what the typhoon has brought but it eased because my dad just kept his intentions on motion. Barks were cut from our water-apple tree. Our bamboo swayed almost bowing to the ground. Our neighbor’s wall and roof were stripped. One of the roof even got into our backyard. The signage of the stores nearby almost crossed with the electric post. By the afternoon, it started to calmed. That’s the signal that its already over. Our electricity were back at around 8pm and got lost and back again. Lapu-Lapu was lucky that the storm wasn’t that devastating. I prayed and thank the Lord for our safety. Nobody in our place got hurt and there wasn’t a damage.

But on the other side, when I checked on the television, my heart was ripped. Even on social sites, friends and families are panicking of how their loved ones from Tacloban, Ormoc and Bantayan were swept. I just cant seem to stand the videos and articles I just seen today. And I would like to share a compilation to it as of this day.

Typhoon survivors beg for help – http://anc.yahoo.com/video/typhoon-survivors-beg-help-025618104.html

Survivors of typhoon and their devastating stories –http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisonvingiano/survivors-of-typhoon-haiyan-share-photos-and-videos-of-devas

Tormented survivors of Philippine typhoon raid the dead – http://ph.news.yahoo.com/tormented-survivors-philippine-typhoon-raid-dead-004330289.html

Worst case now, the victim are described to be in the state of desperation. Looting and ransacking. Even cannibalized.

Duterte orders Davao Yolanda relief team to shoot looters – http://newsdesk.asia/duterte-orders-davao-yolanda-relief-team-to-shoot-looters/

We have to understand these people. I don’t know if shooting is really good for them right now but I guess it will add more trauma to the victims. It could trigger the pain they’ve felt. It is us who has in the normal state and trying to fight against fire will only cause more fire. Violence is not the answer. It maybe hard, but we are the ones who must risk. We would like to give them help, many wants. But some of the news of today stops people volunteering to that area giving warning and describing victims as war freaks. They are not. They are just desperate.

What if the government cancelled all our classes and work and sending everyone to go to Tacloban to help clear the area for a day. I guess that would really make a big difference. Let us all use our population, we are over population but we are limited of volunteers. I know that if the victims realized this, instead of ravaging the help they will feel grateful and will cooperate fast. But if we cant do that, atleast we can do this.

How to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors – http://edition.cnn.com/2013/11/09/world/iyw-how-to-help-typhoon-haiyan/index.html

Friend’s post in Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/livi.dajime/posts/656962980991967

Another friend’s post of her drawing donations – https://www.facebook.com/vivalalixi/posts/766302703395905

I also think the the 1000bearhugs organization is a good help. Check their drop off sites – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Amb8MCHcpABUdEwzdmx4ME1uUXctd0xGQ3JSc1J6Znc&toomany=true#gid=0

I also would like to reach the deepest gratitude for these country who sent assistance for our country. http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/local-news/2013/11/11/23-countries-int-l-groups-offer-help-yolanda-victims-313219#.UoGaYDBJ4Bs.facebook as well as this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=670308129666746&set=a.579815775382649.1073741825.100000626947199&type=1

I just hope it will really reach the victim.

Those who are looking for their families you can check the red cross Yolanda – RFL and Tracing Form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16aq0AH-OnEE_bM53iL5qInqHPZ28lntEXPs-rS01a88/viewform)

If anyone of you want to help, I will be glad to be your medium. There are a lot of organizations in Cebu willing to give a hand such as Rafi, DSWD, GK and more friends I’ve known. Now that I already resigned to my work, I am very free to help out to those in needs. Also, since my birthday will be tomorrow, instead of celebrating I’d rather donate and help.


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  1. ditto on the panic buying.

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