Magnitude 7.2

On October 15, 2013, I woke up with a bad mood, thinking of not speaking with my boyfriend the whole day. I tried to make my day happy, so I put on my headphones as I rode a tricycle going to work. On my third song (Imagine Dragons – In Time), I was swaying my mind with the beat and feeling lucky because it seemed that I own the whole tricycle after the other passengers got off. It was a smooth ride and no busy traffic around because its a holiday. And just when i’m about to reached the Mactan Public Market, the driver halted me with a line, “Day, naay linog! (Miss, there’s an earthquake!)” I was left with a dull spirit. What should I do? I remained calmed and then I look around.

Faces were in tears, children clung tightly on their parents. Everyone was shocked and traumatized. That whole scene got me.

As I continued my ride and reached my workplace, all my co-employees were already outside the building. Glad to know that nobody got hurt, but from their stories, it was one of the most terrible events in their life. After a few hours waiting for the final advice if we get to have work  or not, it was announced that all girls shall go home while the boys get to stay for awhile. My whole day was spent with my family at home, with two broken things (vase from STEC and our Mama Mary statue). I was glad that my family is safe too.

Things that I learned from that shake needs to listed

  • My boyfriend loves me so much that after a few seconds from the earthquake, he called me. He was the first person who called me and asked me if I was okay. I’ve learned that someone did care for me.
  • Whatever happens, you really have to call your family.
  • During emergencies, dial your love ones fast because the signal in the Philippines is such a hassle.
  • Pray sincerely. Never pray during calamities only, pray everyday.
  • Attend earthquake drills and other helpful drills. Night after the shake, I just have to ask Miguel on what to do during an earthquake because I really don’t have the scripts for it. I only attended one earthquake drill my whole life. (Maybe I can post that someday, things to do)
  • God really loves us, he brought this thing on a Holiday. No work and class for most institutions.
  • We cannot tell when and where the danger comes.

Aside from that, I also have these weird thoughts..

  • It was the churches in Bohol and even the Basilica de Sto. Nino in Cebu got crashed during the quake, and it was  Eid al-Adha — does that mean that Muslim overpowers Catholicism? or Does that say that God doesn’t want to celebrate other feast of other fake Gods?
  • Why the churches? Is this the sign that its almost the end of the world?
  • I had read in my facebook timeline a post that goes this way, “Churches were destroyed because God was so busy protecting our homes, He forgot to protect His”
  • Another post: “Floods in Luzon, War in Mindanao, Earthquake in Visayas”

So many questions, but my deal with it? I say, I believe in God. I know that He cares for us, we just have to believe. It’s only a 7.2 earthquake, my God is bigger than that.

As the days go by, after about 200 and now I guess its already a thousands of aftershocks, I never let it stop us from celebrating our love. I don’t even know if its a good idea, we went to a bar to drink and look now, I am experience a stomach hang over. Then I read up online that yogurt is a good remedy for that!

2013-10-17 21


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