Just A Concerned Citizen

2013-06-15 16

“Philippines, I see nothing but no hope but despite that I blind myself from seeing and saying so.” The common line I pamper myself with.

As I rode home in a public transportation and with the touch of traffic and noise, I unconsciously diverted from a blank thought into a humanitarian thought. Now, as an HR recruitment personnel I came to think of all  the rants my applicants shared to me. One of the most repetitive concern was how difficult  it is to get government documents, especially the one in Lapu-Lapu. Imagining all the trials they met and the things they have to give up like finance, time and effort they only get to be reciprocated with a minimum wage work.

“Miss, kibaw ka? Pangitaan jud mi ug ilahang result. Dili sila musugot ug result sa lain. Pabayaron pa jud mi ug mahal. Tag 10 raman na sa uban nga city miss, mahal lagi kaayo na diri. Unya ni hangyo mi miss, ang gi ingon lang sa amoa kay masweldohan raman kuno mi, mabawi rana sa among sweldo. ” – one of my Promodiser.

“Miss, did you know that they even ask for their own result. They don’t allow other results, only from their own machines. They even asked us to pay again and its even expensive. For other cities it only cost 10 pesos, but why is it so expensive here? When we tried to ask for consideration, they just answered us that it’ll just be paid off from our salary.”

Is that how they were task to work? Is that even work? I don’t think so. Aside from that, recalling my experience when it was my turn to get my government requirements. I remembered that it wasn’t really a good one too. It took hundreds of money to just get my Police Clearance, Cedula, Health Card, Mayors Permit with a longer span of time. I was just quite lucky though because my mom is working in the government too. When I called her to come help after experiencing long queues myself, I needed her. After she assisted me, everything started to went fluent. I get to be prioritized and I even paid less (and I just know now).

The government that’s leading me really stinks, just like a pork. Only a few are well-served, unluckily most of these well-served ones were the middle or higher class. Lower class were taken for granted most of the time. If I were to generalized most of the government employees serving people daily belongs to middle class or lower class, and knowing this specific, it breaks me to know that they had taken for granted the mirror-like of themselves. Aren’t they supposed to be the one to sympathized first? Don’t they see themselves from those people that they serve?

With this connection, interaction in the government is filled with insecurities and selfishness. Even the ones in the bottom has no heart. Those that we thought who experience hardships can feel and connect to those who experienced the same, is totally wrong. I believe that in our place, love is getting covered with greed and the likes.




  1. I agree, the Lapu-Lapu City is one of the worst government offices I know. Grouchy employees, expensive fees to name a few. Well, Radaza..

  2. I agree, even if my mom works in the Govt. Sh*t

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