Its Just Me, Myself and I

That feeling when none of the people around you feels good to be around? Guilty here.

Mostly described as a happy and sociable person, yes I am. I can easily talk to strangers. In public places, familiar faces is always present. Approachable yes I am. I don’t know if its a good thing or not, but I just do know that despite that, one’s loneliness shall never be ceased by it.

We are always alone in this world. No matter how close you are to somebody or to a group, you cannot always depend on them. Those people around you are not always there, so don’t make it a habit to hold on too tight. Even the closest of your friends, cannot quickly respond to you when you are out of breath. I am victim of it, been there lot of times even if I have known a lot of people. Those times when I needed just a little of their help yet nobody cared, nobody stood, nobody moved. Everybody’s so busy and so coward to help out. 

In our life, never expect from others especially if your presence is just a mere coincidence. Not even your friends, your boyfriend or your family is 24/7 on duty for you. They have their own life to live, so don’t be a bother to them and don’t be bothered by them. Someday in their life too, they will realize that I am not too over them.

p_hi Alexei (57)

Raising the flag of independence,

Marei 😉


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