Living with a strict parents, I grew up stiffed and jailed. I was only asked to stay at home, but despite that rule I stroke the risk and manage to sneaked out. I still able to play outside our neighborhood, until soon enough my parents got tired of being too pussy about me. They finally agreed to some of my outdoor plans but I have to get myself quick back home. Its a deal but there wasn’t a formal concord. I remember during summer I had trailed different shortcuts going to the chapel where our Flores de Mayo was held. I liked the feeling of running into the green fields even with human wastes and trashes everywhere.


During classes though, I don’t looked too aggressive when it comes to adventure because I looked too silent and demure. However I started to peeked out from my cocoon. It all started when I was in 5th grade when I able to skipped classes but perhaps with a little permission from our teacher because we were assigned to some grassy stuffs. I remember scanning the grassy and jungle area near our school looking for that certain plant for stage decorations. I remember being chased by a dog and a so-called crazy person. It was hilarious but fun. I even learned more and more shortcuts from school to home.


I am a remnant of an out-goer. I like the smell of outdoor. I like the heat of sunshine and its sound. I like the flickers of the night reflect to my face. I like the gust of the air and how it salon my hair. I like how my feet get covered with dust and how I clean it with the dew of  grass. I like august-rushing. I like walking out. I like hitching on kind-looking people. I like the hike. I like the travel at jeepneys. I like experience wherein I laugh, cry, dance, sway, drop, sing, run, breath, and live. There’s so much to do, there’s so much to sense.
Moreover, I didn’t get old. I had more adventures when I was in high school. Tried a few sneaking even if I was in a strict school. Some fun happened during group project schedules. More and more as we almost bid goodbye. Then college days, were I became as high as f^ck, but not the same with those people who really devastated their lives. I had food trips, beach and booze, and that alone.

I am writing this because even if I love outdoor so much, some circumstances keep me in. But they will not prevail! This time I was spiked by a sea urchin but tomorrow I will still swim the beach. I am a warrior and I will be one with the outside.

2013-04-25 17


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