It Wasn’t Just A Street

Sun was up so bright that day. I was busy doing errands. I skipped up some because I just don’t feel like going, but I never regretted a thing. A sweet tart bolstered at my sleepy face. After churning it for a minute I went back to bed. When I woke up to check out with my appointment, I told myself, “It’s okay to pass on some things.” Then noon circles the surroundings. The heat became tougher to fight with, so I jump into the shower and dip myself until I finally reach my waking state. It was a good morning, but later that time I was having a fight with my boyfriend (< shit, still too awkward typing this word) but that was just for a few hours, he settled with me and accompany me in handing over all my JPMAP stuffs and funds to the new officer – goodluck guys!

Then we were freed. After my JPMAP colleagues left, me and Miguel were stuck on what to do next. You know how an un-planner I am but despite that I always lead in our every little adventures. Then something fattening got through me. Eurika! I finally able to say it, – ala Colin in John Green’s book. A few steps from our school I had this amazement of hidden restaurants. It wasn’t that hidden though because there were already food bloggers who dined into that restaurant. I went there with Migz. So we march to 10 doves street.

It was elegant and cozy, simple and classy. When I stepped in I thought the place will be covered with food aromas but it wasn’t. Despite its smallness with only 6 to around 7 tables, the food smell can’t cover the whole place. We positioned into one of their table which we found small for our order. Then we ordered. They serve food in similar price. All of the goodies in their menu cost 220 pesos excluding the drinks. They served the soup first, I like mine because the cheese really able to stay in my tongue (Broccoli and Cheese soup). I tasted Migz too (Corn and potato soup)  trying to compare everything, and it has more flavor than mine and it has ham.


Then we had our main course, I had something with “Macaroni” on its name and Migz got himself a Mama Mia. Between the two I preferred mine. I like how cheesy it tasted and how everything blended well. Even Miguel chose mine better. Mama Mia was more like the usual macaroni. They also serve bread and butter with it and also salad. We chose white over wheat because we don’t want to look diet conscious. Then lastly, we had our cakes. Miguel chose the Decadence which is favored most by everyone, so instead of picking that out myself I went for the strawberry one. I wanted to try the lime cake though but I hesitated and picked out the strawberry instead.





I had a full stomach and I enjoyed every bit of it. When I was eating, I even let my digestion had its break so I walk all over the place we were lucky enough to dine alone. After I checked out their “powder room” as what was stuck on their door I had the best feeling of comfort, it was clean and it smells good. The people in the counter were very courteous too. 

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I long for this adventure for a while. I had attempts in going to that special hidden place. I never thought that it would happen on that certain day. I’m glad that I just had a little step in crossing out another places to go to. I shall conquer another someday, because sometimes I thirst the feeling of being a food blogger.


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