Gowns and Tuxedos

When I was in highschool, we didn’t had our Prom. Being a girl, it is a fantasy for us to attend to a prestigious event like this, where everything seemed magical and everyone’s pretty. However, it was discarded by our school. Well, it was a bit of a long proposition. It was proposed at first but because our batch still has those childish rants and amusements, attending a formal event in gowns and tuxedos seemed too much for our age. Only 5 or less students raised that we’ll had an event like this but the majority had wiped those brave souls, and so it was agreed.

Then I went to college and my days then rolled. Starting freshmen, I had known well enough that our department and school don’t do Proms but we have graduation balls at the end if we decide to. We also held our acquaintance party in beaches. Having these routines somehow seemed comforting for my side since I don’t have partner if ever we have proms or so. But my longing to experience one redrawn to me again after seeing spectacular pictures of my friends from other schools. They all looked pretty and handsome, just like in fairytales and disney movies.  That was then I hoped that even before I graduate I must experience one. And God really knows to stir me up, as I was counting my days till I break up with my school, I definitely knew that I will be a Cinderella someday.

Our graduation ball was decided, it was dated and planned. We were so excited about it, we laid out possible themes and venues. During the planning part, eventhough it was chaotic with all the suggestions thrown and ideas rummaging the small room in our department, I know that everyone was really looking forward to this day. Everything was handed out to the third years, the souvenirs and programs. We had a theme of Victorian, Masquerade and I forgot the last one.

I went there with my friends Kiz, Lotz and Eden from our hotel. We were escorted by Elvis, Cali and Miguel and they’ve been treating terribly like a princess. I was wearing my Maria Elana gown and my very petite and cute Gibi shoes (I wish I can show it because its too small, REALLY). Then that time was written for me to drawn back whenever my white hair starts to grow.

Honestly, it wasn’t really satisfying. Or was I just expecting too much. But I salute the organizers, I know how hard-headed our batch and passive we were. Yet its not about the program but just the feeling of being pretty and praised, and just see transformations of your classmates into royal-like being can take you to miles of imaginative thinking and fantasies. I will still hold on to this memory because I can now say that once in my life, I had been part of a fairytale with my prince awaiting for me outside that hall.

Your One-night Princess,




  1. Hi princess! HAHAHHA so pretty!

    1. You made me pretty!

      1. No i just enhanced what beauty that was there already! haha

      2. pang BB. Pilipinas!

      3. mao lagi. sunod apil na ta

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