Electric Fan

Invented by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler in 1882, this little thing has now become the big thing. In a tropical country like where I currently rested myself, it can be seen everywhere. Started from the ancient human fans in Egypt using huge lotus leaves, the peacock feather of the Greeks and Romans until Asian countries like Japan and China improvised it creatively with folds and arts embedded on it this human effort was revolutionized into something automatic. Using blades and electrical knowledge, kaboom, electric fan is now born.

Now everyone is using it. My family, friends and people around me uses it. It gives cool and ease away the irritation and uneasiness. It provides them the comfort and even satisfy and paint smiles to their faces. It radiates positive vibes to people within its reach. It tries to reach everybody, justifying its rotating movement but its limited. Its can only remain still. It doesn’t serve as a decoration  most of the time, it only stands un-beautifully on sides because its main purpose is to just provide comfort. It is not taken for granted most of the time. It is mostly forgotten especially on cold times and only the brave souls switch it on. Good thing, its everybody’s friend on warm days.

I am an electric fan. I could be everywhere, people around me uses me. Its okay. Its my pleasure to ease their uncomfy times. I radiates happiness. I’m usually taken for granted. Even if I’m part of the event, my presence are less appreciated. But I am glad I am always invited on good times, but only the few ones can talk to me on their cold lonely nights. I can easily be replaced too. I think I haven’t developed, and air conditions had surpassed me already.

And just like this fan in my room, I am alone because I haven’t been useful lately.





  1. haha mura ra man ug advertisement pero di diay! hehe

    1. akala mo lang yun, pero akala lang talaga

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