Pre Graduation Words

I remember telling to myself that I will be chill this college and I really did.

Before I finalized my course and my school it was a hard decision for me. I had weighed a lot of stuffs, from accountancy, to biology, to business add — I ended up as a psychology student. Then there went the school to enroll. I was supposed to be at UP but I never responded to their letter and rejected it because I wanted to go to the University of San Carlos.

Was it a mistake? Absolutely not. If I didn’t enroll to USC I will not meet these people and him.


My college days was cool and just cool. Honestly, it was multi-facet. I wasn’t just a student the whole time. I believed I had lived to my first sentence. As a graduate of STEC, it is expected for you to excel, it is expected for you to be studious but I guess I have lighted my own path to my own desire and never be shadowed by the idea of it. I don’t mean that being it is bad, I just don’t feel like trying so hard even if I don’t want  it that much. I never cared about other people’s expectations which I am proud of myself the most. In my entire college life, I was never pressured so much. I guess I was living the moment.

I remember myself as a freshman. I was small, and always been little but that never stopped me from crossing lines and stuffs. I got worse as I climbed the next year level. I felt like I wasn’t attending school. I just listened to teachers who I thought were cool and wise. I made friends, I made a lot. Then I started emptying bottles harder, and it got even harder when I reached third year. I think that was my hippiest year. I felt like school as an excuse only for my financial security. I’ve been to a lot of restaurants and dined my heart out. But with all of that vices I managed to kept up with the deadlines and able to passed my tests.

This was the time of my life wherein I felt the most free of all. I enjoyed things and done near-death pranks with my friends. But should I be called a worthless student? I guess not. I still managed to go my way into an organization, JPMAP and served it twice as an officer. Since I was unlucky at my PsycSoc battle, I was blessed with a more outstanding organization that had mold me to a better future employee, ahem, employer. HAHA. I’ve witnessed a lot of big events at famous hotels in Cebu, and even met elite people in the industry. I’ve been part of Dean’s List and as what I remembered I haven’t attended any awarding of it since first year because I just don’t feel like going and inviting my parents to school. I can’t even remember where my certificates are. And now that I am almost a graduate, I had been awarded 2nd place in thesis (really, our thesis is a must-read because it is very useful plus with puns intended) and a cum laude. Oh wait, Haha I am laughing my ass out.

Am I kidding myself? As I was writing this, all the contradictions fall apart. Was I really a good or bad student? Well, I never been either of it, I was both, I was me. Sometimes, I felt selfish for being bless. I have given less effort and received a lot. Because of that feeling, I don’t feel like bragging or showing it to anyone. This is a genuine generosity  of our Father from above. I am glad I enrolled in psych because everything I read through our books it just felt like reading a novel and reading people. I am totally enjoying and just learning.

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So before I march the stage and be handed by my diploma, I would like to take this post as an opportunity to thank everyone who had gone with me all these years. It maybe a chilly years but it was only in school, I know my life had been crumpled  but I had withstand it all and managed to just bend and not break. I thank the Lord above. I thank my family, especially my mom. I thank my friends, my true friends. I thank my inspiration. I thank my teachers and those everyone I’ve met along this road. I thank my spirit. I thank my optimism.

This is not the end, this is just the beginning. I may have a little fear on it, but I swear I can make it because I have people around me who will hold me and never let me go. I had a wonderful college year, and I will continue to talk about it until my kids get annoyed of its repeat. Kudos graduates of 2013!

upcoming graduate,

dodette baguio



  1. eyerhum · · Reply

    Kahilakon ko da.. hehehe!

    Kudos for a job well done!

    May God bless you on your new journey and I wish you all the success in life!

    All the best!


  2. jankurdt · · Reply

    Congratulations!!! =)

  3. Hehe Samoka kuya! Thank youuu!

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