The 14th

Whatever it is, everytime someone says the 14th on a February, valentine always emerges. No matter what status you are, no matter how bitter you are you will still think of such.

Powerful day it is indeed. That powerful that it can turn everyone into red — madly in love, heartly beaten, red teary eyes and furiously mad. Last year, I didn’t celebrate it alone, somebody asked me out for a friendly date. We rode at St. James rides and dine at Parkmall. I never thought that, that friendly date will made us celebrate another valentine but this time its painful. That painful that this blog can’t post directly.

However St. Valentine would not allow things to happen. After the long wait of the transpo, the goodbye bids, the ride and all. He asked me that question again and it took us a lot of hours but it was never a waste.

I may have envied others celebration. All their flowers, balloons and other sweet stuffs I still am happy of how my 14 ended. It was a thrilling event that started from a disposition to a closer communicationPhotoGrid_1360873637521


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