Oh Hi Victory!

I believe that I am not born with thousands of lucky charms inside my body but I still do think I am lucky in different ways. Just that one time that I really expected my lucky charms to work, it just did. It was somewhere around December vacation when I clicked on stuffs online. I have this habit of fooling around the NEThosphere. Since I wasn’t busy and I don’t have anything to do I tried my luck to different online giveaways I find when suddenly after a few weeks of that nonsense day I received a mail in my yahoo account.

You’ve won yourself a gadget

Shocked. I paused then opened my mail. I really did won as stated from the mail. At first I hesitate, thinking that it would be a spam or what. Didn’t I replied asking if it was really mine and it responded. There I concluded that it was really real and I might be getting a gadget.

After I few weeks and days had passed I lose hope but in the first place I never expected it to be sent to me especially that it has to be shipped from Europe to Philippines. Until one fine day my dad talked to me about me having a package and it has to be paid a thousand so he didn’t accept it. Kinda disappointed that I might be getting it I sent a mail again and I was a totally lucky lady, I received it for free. They really settled it and after that two days after, the package was sent and I was able to hold it! Wow!

I just received the price of my victory 😉 Then I started to do the happy dance! This is my gadget by the way.


I cannot give a feedback about my emergency charger now because I havent really used it a lot. But I am planning an overnight this week maybe I’ll bring one! Yippee!

Hail Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger! And just as I emailed back to the generous people behind this I am posting this post! 🙂 This is to show my gratitude! Thanks





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