The Lucky One

Start of my lucky hour, hello Quest CR

I went to duty. I let time ticked. I did routing. Distributed food coupons. Then I was asked to get a cake for a birthday celebrant. Then my lucky star started.

Today I was a lucky star in terms of free stuffs. The birthday surprise was held at our office (HR). It was kinda funny because the celebrant is an employee that I find moody and annoying. He was the head of the Engineering department. I find him insensitive and too serious and problematic everytime we cross in the hallway. But all this prejudices from me evaporated after seeing him during his surprise. He is a funny man. A 60-year old man who thinks of himself as young as 40. He is a supportive dad, and a very loving grandfather. He saves for his grandson’s iPad. Wow. And even after his cake-eating, when we once meet at the hallway again, he threw some jokes again. Lucky, I was then. I started to feel more at home here in Quest hotel.

Lucky enough too, to be able to sneak in some twitter and g+ chat in the office today 😉 To add to that, as planned. I was supposed to eat lunch at school and join Miguel but because my head insisted, I have to accept the blessings. I received 2 food meal coupons. I gave the other one to my co-ojt and we dined together. I even had 2 cups of rice! Yipee

More lucky moments followed. Even if I was a little screwed because I didn’t go with the plan, Miguel remained his cool. He even treated me a pancit canton because thats what I wanted to eat. And more free food tasting today, that includes the Sans Rival’s silvanas from Dumaguete brought by Elvis. Such a good friend! I am lucky indeed to have this group of friends. 😉 And that post will be posted someday.

Me and Lotz with our free Sansrival

Regarding school stuffs too, as we confronted with our thesis consultant our result was more relaxing and good than what we thought it was. He flashed a grin to us, at last. My physics went well I guess too, it compensated my efforts and the -20 I had because of my teachers fault was almost forgiven. Damn I have to let go! Haha What’s lucky during my physics moment? Well, I survived listening to our teacher whom I hated so much. Futher, I able to answer my Filipino Psychology exam without studying because my notes were unreadable and so disorganized. Then I ended it with a good night sleep, I guess and hope I will. Haha.

Because they just wanted to be in my blog. Me, Lotz and Eden

Everyday is a lucky day even if situations interfere, even if people doesn’t care. As long as you fake a smile and guard your thought and heart, it will always be a lucky day. So, as I live my days I will be counting alone the times I felt lucky and forget those painful memories behind because I love my smile. lol

the lucky one,

marei ❤


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