One More Hour

Foodies everywhere. The crispness of the air is not ordinary anymore. A mixture of fresh and cold plus the smell of after fireworks surrounds. I hear carolers and merry songs. Busy kitchen and decorative terraces. Indeed, it’s Christmas!

Yo, what’s up?

My 24th of December was spontaneous. I shall use that word because I just want to. Before today, we were arguing with my boyf regarding what’s best, planned or spontaneous? So I shall remain in my stand, whatever! What has my spontaneous adventure has got me.

I woke up not because I alarmed my phone, it just happened that my sister bugged me while I was asleep.  I didn’t know what to do. I just ate my breakfast, check out the time. Look for the gift that I was supposed to wrap, then I never mind it again. When it’s almost 1 o’clock I freshen up myself, looked for a bag and a wrapper. Unfortunately no wrapper so I wrote my letter instead, just to add effort. But then because I wanted to look pretty I put up eyeliner into my eye. Then I run to the nearest store at our place. First stop at the pharmacy looking for a paper bag, but then I end up at Gaisano saver. I also bought donuts and chocolates for Migz to say sorry for being late. Then I met him up at MEPZ bazaar. Good thing I bought nice ones, and I have wrapped them up already. I guess I have to pass on some gifts because I was really short of budget.


After that, we hurried to check out Bebongs but we passed on buying because they didn’t allow us to buy and pick up later. So we headed to SM to buy other stuffs and cakes at Red Ribbon. I was sad for Migz though because he wasn’t able to avail the black forest and somehow it was all my fault because I wasted much time looking for something around the mall. Then we had a little snack at Pizzahut. I totally love the stickiness of their cheese. The funny thing about that part was when we were changing places because I really like to sit on the couch, we did change places thrice and on our last change the waitress was shocked after seeing that our table was empty. She just relived her breath after seeing us at the other table. Hilarious. Then we went home, he sent me home first. He also gave the other cake to us. We exchanged our gifts as well.because they need to empty up their fridge.

Upon home, I texted my friends greeting them with Christmas messages. They really flooded my phone and now I don’t think I am going to reply to them. We also had to go to Gaisano again with my mom to buy more food. We bought ice cream even if my cough hasn’t subside. We also walked a little to bought lechon manok at Choks and waited for minutes. Then I ate spaghetti at my Grandparents house. Then here I am waiting for the gates of food to be open. 12 please do come fast, I am sleepy already.


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