My Gossip Girl Expose

The end is nowhere near because it just happened. It was another goodbye I guess, and like the usual I get the sad feeling of losing but not pretty much because it ended the way I wanted it to end. It was indeed the new kind of fairy tale. After I had been tuning it for the entire six seasons it has already reached its end.

Gossip Girl. The series I have been obsessed about since high school. The story of the elite and my fantasy. This series was introduced to me by my cousin even if I was still so innocent about all the scandalous scenes it contain. I remember watching it super late night because it has a lot of kissing and stuffs and I don’t want my sister to see it. I remember buying DVDs for it and ended being scammed. I remember missing it because it has reached its hiatus season one summer. I also remember how I found out that my other girlfriends like it too. I just don’t know what this series had on me. I cannot forget it, even if I was introduced to other different series I always end up downloading this one.

I guess somehow I have things in mind why.

1. Fashion. It has the best styles ever. The wardrobe of every cast inspires me. I felt like a pro when I shop after the show. It has the complete package. Not only I look at the dresses but as well its hairstyles and makeup, add the accessories as well. Its influential unconsciously.

2. Script. Its script has really dumped my English. I just love how things were written. I adore most the prologue of every episode because they do have that amazing factor. The lines of every character cut like a knife. I even got my motto from this show, “In the midst of death, we are in life”. I also wait up on every lines gossip girl blows every end of the episodes. I just love how metaphorical it is vividly done. I even had a notebook for the Gossip girl lines. That’s how fanatic I was. Also, I’m spilling it out. Every time I watch this show I get to speak English all throughout the day, crazy!

3. Faces. Damn it, all of the cast were like sons and daughters of Aphrodite. Not much to say.

Yes, much of that.

ggI just would like to spoil a little to those people who haven’t seen the last episode. It was beautiful, even if it was kinda rushed. Just like what I said its like a new age fairy tale, it ended it up with a proposal and a wedding. It ended up killing the bad guy and transforming some into the good side. Georgina has become an aid to the group, as well as Jack Bass who was so funny and cool. I admire how Jack Bass has become, woohooo! Lovers ended up together. Chuck proposed to Blair. Even it wasn’t royalty-like it was still one of the sweetest because Chuck still made it cool just for Blair. I like how they exchanged their I Do’s. ‘1 word, 3 letters, YES’. Furthermore, Gossip girl was exposed already. You will be really shocked. I was shocked. I can’t believe it’s my favorite character who’s been reigning the upper east side all throughout. Atleast he made it to the trail he planned even before. He gained power from a lonely boy and what’s more? He got his queen. Lonely boy with the Dumb blonde. Yes, Dan and Serena exchanged I Do’s at the last part. Such a fairy tale indeed. But whatever it is still a shocking revelation to me that it’s Dan.

But I can’t argue anymore, duh. So I say this is the end already. My favorite series where I find how power, money and scams  values. Even so, love and friendship will always prevail.


marei ;3


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