December 21, 2012.

The said End of the World date and it wasn’t.  As proof? I am posting this on December 22, 2012, AMAZING right? Ha Ha this is really such a joke. But I guess that day wasn’t that nice too. It started with a heavy rain and I am afraid of being drenched because I have this undying cough. I was miserably bothered by this while commuting and communicating. I even had a very tiring thesis experiment the whole day and a forceful party at night. The party was really dull. My 400 cash was wasted but I will just think of it as a donation. Then the after party wasn’t that cool because I was controlling myself, because I wasn’t physically okay, Yes, fvcking cough. I even missed the party my awesome friends organized. When I called to check out on them they already left and I wasted another Vudu opportunity.

I am such a survivor of that doomsday. I totally felt crumpled today. I just stayed at home, coughing my lungs out. I have drunk medicines, much that I felt I am almost overdosed. I passed on an invite again because I didn’t feel like going. Here I am a survivor of the doomsday but why does it feel like every day is a doomsday? I’ve been full of unfortunate series of events in my life including my pre-midterm tests before the break started and my duty hours and thesis dilemma. Right before this 12-21 date, I was transformed into an adjective, describing me as the busy person. But how badly it resulted that even if I was coiled busy, I haven’t progressed a thing? Such a heartbreaking ending. And as out of context, I badly want to just lie down and rest. I wanted to spend time with my favorite series, I just hope my torrents will work out fast. Atleast, Gossip Girl will brighten up my mood a bit, I hope.


I still can’t find a good connection between my title and my content. My title speaks positive which is in contrast to what I type. This is very ironic, feels like looking for knife in a pile of spoons.

marei ;3



  1. “I was transformed into an adjective, describing me as the busy person’

    — I am the person to blame. HAHAHA

  2. Haha, that’s fine my friend!

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