Live and Leave

Cutie Pinkiyy

Smiles are not forever. Hurt crawls down from hell to make everyone suffer. In life, there is no perfect. In life, everything turns. One factor of how our life moves this way is people.  People completes the cycle. People will influence you, affects you. They can either be a good or bad. Some push you up, some pull you down.

Family, friends and loved ones – the people you want to spend time with because they give you comfort and care. They cover your seek of belongingness. As humans, it is always part of our needs. According to Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs it is on the third step of the pyramid. It is the need of being accepted by the society that we live in. This is where interaction happens in a comforting way and the give and take is balance. Yet it is a need, it requires work to have it. You cannot directly have it, you need to have effort first. Once it is acquired, it is still not infinite. A single mistake can ruin it.

An overstrict parent can make you fuss like hell. No time for friends can build gaps. Wrong move of your loved one can end a relationship. These are the rules. Yet, these are easy things that can happen easily. Therefore, once we felt belonged, we can easily feel alone. Somehow, it is a matter of how you sway with the events that passes in your life. Since things are inevitable, you just have to be a ‘no-care’ to surpass it. I’ve been doing that a lot, and I wished that somehow I will learn to care and to know when to live/leave.

marei ;3


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