Novicity — Off

This isn’t helplessness, this is just a new encounter.

That was what I told myself on my first duty at quest hotel. It’s not about how I felt helpless on my duty but it was because  I felt helpless when I scanned my bag and found nothing but just a few girly magics. I was told that in Quest it is very important to keep oneself groomed. But how did it challenge me? It wasn’t because I smell awful or I am very untidy or appearance poor, it was because I don’t know how to make up.

Yes, heard that right. I am already a graduating student but I am still a novice when it comes to make up things. I just felt that I know something but when I try to apply it to the situation I always fail. That’s why I am giving special time for this area starting now. Since I have promised my company that I will be groomed better, I have to give time to practice it. This is my challenge and I will accomplish it.

So I asked my friend Eden to accompany me to Ayala to check out make up stuffs. It ended up emptying my wallet. There were a lot of stuffs that I badly need to know. Especially the primers. It took us more than an hour to fully cover the whole make-up floor area. The good thing about Eden too is that you will be very organized and tight with your budget. She always finds the cheapest stuffs that are still in good quality. So these are my finds with her.


Brushes. Mascara. Liners. Foundation. Concealer. Eye Shadows. Lip Balm and Stick. Blush on. NAMEPLATE

Some stuffs in there were already bought before while some are just so new and I am still super unused to it. But because I believe in myself too much last night, I quickly tried it. Ofcourse I only have a few days to practice and look at my creation. Somehow I felt really gay.

marei ;3


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