Rise and Shine

The night before today before I hit the sack I’ve read about the super typhoon (Pablo) entering the Philippine area according to PAG-ASA report. It says that rain will be gushing in the Visayas and Mindanao area starting today. So I slept with a big smile on my face thinking that maybe classes will be cancelled. Then when I rose for today, I was awaken by a hot, hot temperature. The hell, rain didn’t come. Really frustrating!

But somehow this frustration ended when I checked outside. The bright sun smiles at me. The golden hue of my world blasts like I’m inside a photoshop picture. The color of the world is very crisp and it’s heart warming. A little blow of the wind makes a good combination of today. Even the skies play through its clouds.


Look how creative the world is today. It forms a heart-shaped clouds. Look how blue the sky, it looks like a beautiful canvass. The day is indeed great and hot. Yes, really hot. Somehow the idea of super typhoon and how I describe today is very contradicting. I hate how less equipped our PAG-ASA has become. They’ve been reporting errors to thepublic, I just hope this dilemma will be solved by our government.


I guess this is one of the product of corruption. We get to have sectors that aren’t supported with updated and good-working equipments. I just hope that this picture inspires people to give love and let love decide in their doings. I hope they lead to a good decision for the good of others. This is just one of the little things that God creates to remind us that our world is beautiful, that our human works cannot create. Yes we cannot create such this but we can always destroy one. So sometimes as well, God reminds us that if we can destroy things, the more He can.

So as I wake up today with a curly hair after I braid myself last night. I feel happy after witnessing a beautiful sky even if I was joked about my idea of No Class because of the typhoon. I also reread the news online and I read something I didn’t read last night.

“Good weather is still expected for the whole country on Monday. On Tuesday, the effects of Pablo will be gradually felt over the eastern section of Mindanao,” Sawi said in a press briefing.

So I just have to get through today. Great day readers!




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