Tentless Camp

What comes up to your mind when you hear the word camp? I myself associate it with a tent, outdoor, hardcore and backpack. But I guess I am just a silly old girl scout fella. Gone are the days of that idea to my growing age. I just realized that when someone says Camp, it can be indoor, prestigious and professional.

But what is this camp I’m saying? Well, its the 3rd Cebu Blog Camp last November 30, 2012 at Cebu International Convention Center. It was an event that I’m glad I didn’t miss. Actually, this opportunity almost slipped in my hands because I didn’t realize that the deadline for the requirements for it to get a free pass is almost over. But If you could’ve read my last blog post, “blog rushing” you will get the story of my haste remedy. But so much about the pre-happening of that event, let’s start talking the things during the camp.

I was picked up by my friend Bonx at my place, so early in the morning. Since we didn’t want to be the one to open the gates of CICC, we had coffee at 7/11 while waiting for the time. But the soon as my other friends, Clark and Gaga texted us that they’re already at CICC, we went there hastily. And, we were the early birds. Zzz

The camp started late. We were given time to network but it was kinda awkward for us first-timers to it. Me and Gags kept ourselves for a few minutes until our “baga-face” emerge. We started to talk to other people. We’ve met new people but I wasn’t able to get their contacts so I guess it’ll be another ‘nice-meeting-you-just-today’. I just hope that once we see each other again, we will be able to remember each other. But I met a lot of UPians.

The camp was composed of a about 5 talks from different speakers, I guess. Most of the talks were about how our blogs be monetized. It wasn’t that moving. But I learned and got freebies like free Vudu pass and T-shirts. I was also having a good convo with one of the blogger that I’ve been reading since. I was really thrilled after knowing that I just met him, personally. Hell yeah, I got tips from Pinoy Traveler and I admired his sense of blogging. The idea of honest and spontaneous writing. I am so glad that I got to be with my teammates ‘BANGAW- bagsik nga langaw’. Bangaw is a Cebuano word for Rainbow. *lately i’ve been obsessed with uncommon Cebuano words.

(c) Pinoy Traveler

(c) Pinoy Traveler

Overall, the event was mentally tiring but awesome. It was somehow dull during some periods, but it was fun. I was head-tilting. When you’re bored, you tilt your head. When you think during group activities you tilt. When you meet new people, you tilt. When you look at your number during raffles, you tilt. When you hear new ideas, you tilt. Something new indeed.

It was something people shouldn’t miss. I just don’t know the reason but after everything I felt totally happy. It was a stress-reliever. Ofcourse, the experience makes its worthwhile and I’m glad I’ve spent it with my awesome friends. We had taken this blog thing at a higher level. And before I end this, I just would like to post a quote I noted during the event.


I can make society better by putting my own flavor into it – Chef Anthony Gomez




  1. HAHAHAHA, November 30, Marei 🙂
    And I soooo envy your meeting with the BIG professionals, really.

    1. I changed it already 😛 Haha thanks.
      I envy you for being so active with your Team Tendengs.

      1. hm yeah. the team is fun. and we’re hanging out at least once in a while. haha

      2. Ours I guess were in bangaws, we can’t find each other hahaha. So nice of your team!

  2. jankurdt · · Reply

    wish i could’ve stayed longer for the picture-taking. it was nice meeting you, though. =)

    1. I totally forgot you, but I’m pretty sure I recognize you thru face. Hope you stayed longer so that we can have remembrance with each other! 🙂

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