In our family circle, our number is limited. Our curve is in a compact designation in terms of gender. I only have 2 boy-cousin, and the rest are  girls. Both of them too are the eldest and the youngest, as of this date. With this congruence we rarely find time to hang around. All were […]


The path is long through the unknown but who cares, I’m travelling. There’s always a giddy-yap feeling whenever I travel far and first. Its like being in love, profound and thrilled. I rose up early but still I was late. The north bus terminal was already on a heavy traffic of people when I arrived, […]


There’s so much to celebrate on that one fine Saturday of Summer. Its a day off and its someone’s after graduation treat. Thinking that after a few weeks of summer we will be busy together without much plan I looked for a place to unwind. Being a native in Lapu-Lapu, I easier access to the […]


Starting this March as I ventured a step up in my career, I met up more people. They are way older than me and think differently. Most of them have their own families already, making me as the youngest in our department. It was a hard environment knowing that it would be a different culture […]


Lent season, the time of the year where sacrificing and being good is emphasized. This year’s lent season of myself has been struggling. Tests and challenges keep rising from nowhere it rooted just to caused chaos into my peaceful living. Justice within me and some outreach into the outskirts of individuals that I had met. […]


This is how I always pictured valentines day. Full of surprises. Sneaky motives. Surprise gifts, unexpected hug from the back, unanticipated meetup, and a lot more of it. Pretty sure guys will be in such pressure while girls create bubbles of expectations. Considering myself as a girl and being currently tied to  a relationship, I […]

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I find it ironic how my blog title speaks so little of my posts. I named it happy pill because I really thought this blog will be the notes of memorable happy memories that I will look back after months or years of growing and stacks of experience. Lately, it wasn’t coinciding to it. It […]

Final statement of my resignation. What really happened? I remember that one morning while receiving applicants I stopped for awhile and found a chair. I’m tired Tired of giving too much. Sacrificed my lunch time and providing offer-time instead of overtime. Being tangled to a labyrinth of unclear possibilities. Being belittled by my own self […]

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1. We’re over! 2. Axed my head so hard and it hurts, but that the less I could feel. 3. Nimbus clouds in my head. 4. I hurt myself today. 5. Every song stings me hard. 6. What will I call you now? 7. Christmas? Best time of the year. 8. Yes my head hurts […]


I remember my discussion about Carl Jung. He has this topic about each of us have hidden traits that we kept to ourselves. We have this thing that he called Shadow. I got plenty of it to my area of insecurities. I’ve never been really as happy as what I look. I have issues, its […]

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